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Discover the Magic of BioEnergetic Testing

What Does Your Body Want You to Know?

By tapping into the inner workings of every cell in your body, we can discover the root cause of nearly every symptom and ailment to learn exactly what the body needs to heal.  

What is Bioenergetic Testing? 

​Our bioenergetic testing is a computerized screening system that combines biofeedback, electrodermal screening, and meridian stress analysis all in one. It is used by hundreds of naturopathic doctors, cancer clinics, holistic health practitioners and wellness centers throughout the world to reveal functional disturbances on the cellular level. It is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art, quantum system that can either be done in person or remotely anywhere in the world for determining the root cause of imbalances within the body that may be causing disease symptoms.

Why Use Bioenergetic Testing? 

Our screenings are a perfect complement to blood work and lab testing. The results of lab work however will only measure the levels of a diseased area. Bioenergetic testing will tell you WHY the the body is not functioning correctly. Once a person knows why something is out of balance, we can treat the root cause instead of the symptoms; enabling the body to truly heal. Backed by over 40 years of medical research, this powerful technology provides invaluable information to deliver life-changing results. In addition, this type of testing often reveals imbalances long before they would appear in traditional lab work. 

How Does Bioenergetic Testing Work? 

While holding electrodes (in person) or surrogate technology (remote scans), a microamp current is sent through the body's meridian pathways and captured through data access points on the hands. The amount of current that passes through the cellular structure of the organs, glands and systems reveals how the body is functioning on an energetic level. Once the system has identified the problem areas in the body, it will pre-screen potential therapeutic options. This allows us to monitor how patients respond to a remedy before it is prescribed. It works with people of all ages, as well as pets, struggling with a wide range of ailments and chronic illnesses. We specialize in working with the mental-emotional-spiritual root causes as to why the body isn’t healing itself. We are passionate about empowering people with the knowledge that will enable them to take their health into their own hands to enable their body to heal naturally, as it was meant to do.

If you have recently been diagnosed or have unusual symptoms that are not being identified through lab work or simply want to maintain your perfect health by monitoring your current needs, let us provide you with the information you need to restore balance for optimal health and wellbeing!

The opportunity to empower your health is literally in the palm of your hands!  

Discover exactly what your body needs to be in perfect balance.

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Custom screening sessions tailored to your needs
allows you to learn exactly what you need to know . . .


Brain fog & memory issues

Chronic stress & anxiety

Thyroid health

Lungs & respiratory health

Nutritional deficiencies

Gut health & digestive issues

Hormonal imbalances

Arthritis & hip pain


Emotional & Spiritual Health


Migraine headaches

Sleep disturbances & insomnia

Heart health

Heavy metal toxins

Skin conditions/eczema

Weight gain

Kidney health

Male functions

Joints & connective tissue

And exactly what the body needs to heal!


For the entire family including pets and infants

Purchase your test today to improve your health & wellbeing!

In-person testing in Scottsdale, AZ

Remote Scans are Offered Worldwide

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