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How long will it take to receive my reports?

Within two business days. Once your DNA sample is received (see below), we immediately set up your file and begin the screening process. You will be notified by email when your reports are complete. They will be emailed in pdf format where they can be viewed, downloaded and printed.

What type of DNA do you need to run a remote scan?

We can use all types such as hair samples, fingernail clippings, or saliva. However we are equipped to get the job done with only a photograph of your face. It works just as well with complete accuracy and it eliminates the hassle for items to be mailed to us and you don't have to wait to get your results.

How do I send you my picture?

Super easy! Just snap a picture of your face with your smart phone and mail it to us at For complete instructions, please CLICK HERE.

Is it possible to get advice or support after I receive my scans?

When you receive your reports, you will receive instructions on how to read and understand your scans. The technicians at Modern Wellness and are not licensed medical doctors and are not able to give medical advice. If you would like to continue your work with a naturopathic physician, we would be happy to give you a referral and forward your reports. However, if you have a specific question relating to the reports, feel free to contact us anytime with your questions.​

Do you offer drops containing the balancing remedies?
We have replaced drops for dermal patches containing the balancing frequencies within your reports free of charge. We prefer patches over drops because it provides 24/7 support as opposed to the 2X/day dose of the drops. We are currently only shipping patches to clients within the United States. Clients outside of the USA will be receiving a remote healing with the energetic frequencies.

Does insurance cover the cost of these tests? 
No. These tests are considered "alternative medicine" which is not covered by health insurance. However, we hope you will find our pricing extremely reasonable for the amount of valuable information you are receiving. 

Do I need to purchase each test individually if I want to test something that my tests don't cover? 
No. Once you purchase your primary testing package, you may purchase additional scans for only $20 each by ordering an "Add-on" test from the product catalogue. If you want more than two additional tests, it is more cost effective to purchase the Clinical Scan as it is the most comprehensive package.

Is it possible to do these tests in person?
Yes, of course! We would love work with you in person! Our office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We see many clients in person who are residents as well as visitors passing through. However, keep in mind that, for sake of convenience, remote scans are just as effective as testing in person.

How do remote scans work?
We use the same testing procedures as if a person was completing a live scan, however, with remote scans we add our surrogate technology. For more information, please visit the "Our Technology" page. After you place your order, we ask that you send us a head shot (neck up) to be used with our surrogate testing procedure. Click here for detailed instructions.

Is there a minimum age requirement to try this?

Bio-energetic screenings can be done with all ages. For infants, young toddlers, animals, people with pacemakers, or pregnant women, we use surrogate procedure if we are seeing you in person due to the mild micro-current technology.

Returns & Refunds
Due to the procedure, time, and effort involved with each order, refunds are not offered after the work is completed. However, if you change your mind before we run your scans, we will be happy to issue a full refund.​
FAQ back.jpg
FAQ back.jpg
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