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Our Philosophy

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Our practice consists of what we believe are the primary pillars of health for achieving optimal health at the cellular level. These are: Discovery; Nourishment; Detoxification; and Consciousness. All four areas need to equally be balanced so that the body is functioning optimally. If just one area is deficient, it affects all aspects of our existence. Once the body is in balance, it can then begin to heal itself from unwanted symptoms and conditions and achieve and maintain a life of healthy aging and vitality.


Discovering the root cause of any imbalance on the cellular level and treating the cause as opposed to the symptoms, is imperative to achieving genuine healing. Cellular health is the foundation of your existence. With trillions of cells in the human body, it is critical they get the support they need to prevent and or restore unhealthy aging and disease. Good cellular health means that the molecules and energy centers that make up the cell are functioning at optimal levels. Basically, all disease and illnesses are some malfunction within the cellular membrane. We often do not know that something is off balance within our cells until we experience symptoms or diagnosed with an illness. It is not uncommon for traditional western medicine to treat only the symptoms; thereby masking the root cause.

We will obtain your cellular health profile in just one office session or one remote testing session using our proven, cutting-edge, non-invasive medical screening technology with the Qest4, a computerized bio-energetic scanning system using meridian stress assessment. Bio-energetic screenings are an invaluable tool for natural healers and work in accordance with traditional lab tests and blood work that identify prospective issues. Bio- energetic screenings not only identify the issues, they will also identify ‘why’ something is wrong. Discovering how each of your trillions of cells controls every aspect of your health from aging, the immune system and the ability to ward off pathogens, viral and bacterial infections, stress levels, moods, sleep patterns, hormones, digestive/bowel health, weight, inflammation, skin health, food sensitivities and allergies, nutritional deficiencies, genetic predispositions is extremely beneficial for determining what is out of balance within the body. We can then begin to take corrective measures towards healing our bodies by addressing the root cause and not just the symptoms. When your cells are healthy, your body will be ready to achieve your health goals. A life of health and vitality is waiting to happen.



Nutrition consists of the type, quality and amount of the foods we eat. Nutrition also covers our gut health: How is our digestive system functioning? How well are we breaking down the foods we eat? How well are we absorbing the food and evacuating waste? How well are our organs of detoxification functioning? What is the integrity of our intestinal lining and the immune response that occurs in the digestive tissues? Are we hydrating properly? Are we breathing properly? Are we nourishing our body with enough quality sleep? We must also nourish our body with movement (yes, exercise!) to supply our cells with essential hormones, enzymes and chemicals for metabolic functioning and vital life force energy. All are part of nourishment and balanced nutrition.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said “the gut is responsible for ALL disease.” Because the gut is responsible for up to 80% of our immune system, our gut health needs to function at optimal levels to break down nutrients into parts small enough for our bodies to absorb and use for energy, growth and cell repair. When a cell stops working or becomes dysfunctional, the root cause is almost always due to chronic deficiencies of essential nutrients, gut dysfunction or the presence of excess toxins. All which interfere with cellular function.

Through our specialized screening process, you will leave with a clear plan on how to reboot a sluggish system, what is needed to heal a poor digestive system, identify any foods that are causing inflammation (food sensitivities), any supplementation that is needed as well as meal planning for specific health needs.



With the thousands of toxins that are absorbed through our lungs, skin and foods we eat daily, the question we ask is not ‘if’ we are toxic but how toxic are we? A body cannot be in balance or heal when the cells are overburdened by chemical toxins, heavy metals, viral and bacterial toxins, stress or emotional toxins, petrochemicals, plastics, dental toxins, mold, parasites, pesticides, mycotoxins and more.

While our detoxification organs are normally equipped to break down and dispose toxic waste, they often cannot keep up which is why implementing simple daily detoxification therapies as well as choosing the right foods and products are imperative to clean the body and correct our health issues. During your visit, we will discover which types of toxins are burdening your system and discuss different detoxification protocols, drainage remedies and the magnetic action of binders to pull the toxins out of the body so that they are not recirculated back into the body. When toxins are stuck in our intestinal tract, they are reabsorbed, which can take a toll on organs, joints and general health. We will also discuss ways to reduce toxic exposure moving forward.



Consciousness is the key to balancing our mental health. It consists of stress management, our emotions and our attitudes towards life. According to the National Institutes of Health, over 90% of disease is caused by chronic stress or anxiety. It is extremely toxic to the body and can manifest into physical forms and disease by drastically impairing the immune system and DNA. It is directly linked with the function of every organ, system and gland causing inflammation, weight gain, digestive and sleep issues, accelerated aging and hormonal imbalances. Simply stated, the management of stress is imperative for our well-being.

Our emotions are the result of our interpretations. A persistent negative thought, a subconscious belief, resentment, anger and the energetic consequence of trauma at any level, can get trapped in the body and leave an imprint on the soul. The relationship between the emotions carried day to day and the imbalance created by lower energies has recently been accepted by western medicine. Illness is the spirit’s inability to handle the emotional energy. The body cannot fully heal the physical issue unless the emotional state is repaired.

And lastly, our attitude toward life and life’s situations plays a large part for our well-being. Holding on to energies such as resentment, anger, fear, spite, takes a toll on our health. By learning to practice acceptance and gratitude, presence, connecting to something greater than ourselves, finding and sharing your divine purpose and passion, shining light instead of judgement and finding time to be quiet to go within are all ideal ways to reduce stress and allow the body to heal by providing balance and inner peace.

Within our minds, we all have the power to heal our bodies, manifest, achieve our goals, purpose and dreams. True healing will never come from a pill or a therapy; it comes from a shift in consciousness. Being conscious is a choice and the key to longevity. When we are not free of chronic inner turmoil, we can go from surviving to thriving.

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