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Mind-Body Balancing

The Ascension Table

The Ascension Crystal Table offers a powerful and profound energy healing experience like no other. Here you can experience an immersion of an energetic force field designed to enhance healing and create a deep sense of peace and well-being throughout the body, mind and spirit.


The moment a person enters this sacred space, a perfect array of crystal therapy, sound therapy, magnetic therapy and chromotherapy provides a unique Reiki crystal grid that surrounds the entire body with angelic energy. All you need to do is lay on the table, relax and soak in the energy to create and manifest your intentions. All experiences are different; however, people claim to have an intense energy sensation surrounding and penetrating the entire body. Some may feel an elevating or out of body experience. People claim to leave with a profound sense of peace, calmness and increased energy from the clearing of energy channels that were clogged by stress, negative emotions or trauma on all levels.

Although this treatment does not cure, heal or prevent disease, it DOES align and balance the body’s emotional terrain. This is important because the body prioritizes the layers in which it heals. Often the primary symptoms of disease (cancer, chronic pain, skin diseases, poor digestion, illnesses, etc.) cannot begin to properly heal until other imbalances are first addressed. This can and often does include emotional disturbances, negative thought patterns, beliefs, etc. The body selectively accepts the energy where and when it is needed to release these energy blocks and connected emotions. 


being free of: fear, blockages, doubt, anxiety, addiction, pain, illness, poor relationships and lack. Who is the YOU that you want to become, return to, or be for the first time? This treatment has an extremely powerful therapeutic affect which can enhance any healing regimen or protocol. Discover your pathway to ascension today!

Persons trying to rebuild and restore from multiple traumatic, pain or diseased conditions, may need more than one crystal light table clearing session.

  •  100% safe for anyone to use

  •  Non-invasive · No side effects

  •  Does not interfere with any current treatments or medications


  • Safe for animals and children​

  • Remote sessions are offered

  • Sessions are 45 minutes; (15 minutes

                consult and 30 minutes table time. 

Introducing the Forsyth Crystal Light Table . . .

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