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Health & Wellness Tune Up

This beneficial nutrition and wellness consultation is designed to give clients a clear and comprehensive picture of their current health profile along with a life-long plan of healthy eating, stress reduction, better absorption and digestion of foods, toxin elimination and healthy weight management.  For clients that may have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, degenerative disease, anxiety, insomnia, unusual symptoms or simply want to maintain or achieve optimal health with proper nutrition and natural healing modalities. Discussion of life-long remedies for healthy aging of the body, mind and spirit.  


This consultation includes the following:


 Nutrition Therapy – a look at your current diet and the incorporation of improved food choices, elimination of foods causing hidden inflammation, toxins and unhealthy weight gain. Applying the principals of food as medicine as both preventative and restorative in all types of disease. Emphasizes clean eating for healthy aging, ideal body weight and optimal health.


Bio-energetic Scans screenings will be implemented to determine nutritional deficiencies and  food sensitivities that may be causing symptoms as well as a screening to see how the gut is functioning.

 Supplement Check (optional) - Bring your vitamins, herbs, supplements and prescriptions with you to your appointment. An analysis will be performed of the effectiveness it has on your current health needs along with the appropriate doses required by your body at this time. Up to 10 items are included in this consult.

                                                                     Customized Add-ons

An expanded session will cover a comprehensive variation of the above combined with targeted health concerns will be addressed as well as additional targeted screenings within the category chosen. 

Natural Weight Loss & Management: An integrative weight loss protocol to determine the body’s imbalances to learn why the body is holding on to extra weight. By balancing the body through homeopathy and customized nutrition protocols, the body can effortlessly begin to release stored weight and body fat (and keep it off) without drugs, pre-packaged meals, counting calories or deprivation. 

Cancer  and  Disease Management: Designed for both patients who have recently been diagnosed and have an interest in adding effective natural healing protocols to boost the immune system through diet, lifestyle changes. An emotional clearing session is highly recommended.

Anti-aging / Forever Young: Designed for those who refuse to age gracefully, believe that age is only a number and choose to look and feel great at any age. Our Forever Young anti-aging nutrition protocol will add energy, vibrance and a healthy glow from head to toe

Detoxification / Cleanse ProgramsAn excellent starting point before beginning any healing therapies or nutrition protocols. Ridding the body of toxins aids in building a healthy immune system. Healthy liver and kidneys will allow your body to heal and thrive at a much faster pace, keeping you healthy, feeling energetic and give you a healthy glow.



Nutrition and Wellness Consulting

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