Soul Scans is a three part testing process used as an intense exercise for emotional and spiritual transformation and empowerment by first scanning the emotional and subconscious fields to identify emotional and spiritual blocks, negatively charged thoughts, self-sabotaging patterns, past traumas, childhood imprints and limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck in fear, lack and suffering; blocking us from acheiving the life we deserve. Through affirmations, we will identify the exact items the body is ready and willing to release and let go of as well as the affirmations we would like to manifest at this time along with suggested natural healing remedies for emotional health. Includes two bonus tests for soul reflections and recommended healing modalities & healing therapies.


The information within the Conciousness Accelerator Guide will explain how to read and understand the reports and includes exercises to inspire personal transformation, higher consciousness, spiritual awakening, improving relationships, encourage healing, and help to achieve inner peace and abundance in all areas of life. 


This powerful trio provides you with the following information within the reports:



1.   Reveals any and all negative emotions, traits, or beliefs in your emotional/mental field needing to be released;

2. Identifies blocks or issues within your spiritual field;

3. Identifies feelings creating issues;

4. Identifies therapies that would be beneficial towards emotional and spiritual transformation and healing;

5. Identifies if the bulk of the trauma was from the past, present, or both past and present;

6. The age most identifying trauma (if applicable);

7). Your customized affirmation.



Most of all our emotional, relationship, negative personality traits or fears stem from events or teachings that were learned or experienced as a child such as stressful experiences, witnessing or experiencing violence, things you were told that stuck with you, major traumatic events or even fears that your parent(s) hold can play a major role in our emotional development. In fact, most of our formidable thoughts and beliefs are programmed into our psyche during the first seven years of life.


This scan will reveal any thought patterns or imprints from conception on; consisting of mother's traumas, false beliefs, generational imprints (what mother or father instilled in us), traumatic experiences, learned behaviors, suppressed experiences or subconscious thoughts that no longer serve us. Allowing this (often painful) information to surface will pinpoint which issues need to be released from our cellular memory.



1.   Identifies the things your body has chosen to release;

2.   Identifies the intentions you would like to manifest;

3.   Identifies chakra imbalances;

4.   Identifies your most relevant healing crystal;

5.   Suggests the most beneficial emotional homeopathic remedies for your needs; 

6.   Suggests the most beneficial Bach flower remedies needed;

7.   Identifies the most beneficial Solfeggio frequencies that penetrate deep into the conscious and subconscious mind for healing.


These scans are excellent as a self-healing therapy or within a therapeutic setting. 







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