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The TBI Thriver scan is a customized biofeedback screening session created specifically for patients with minor concussions to serious traumatic brain injury. Offered exclusively for clients of TBI Thriver of Fontaine Wellness, this specialized testing will enable the patient to discover exactly what the body needs to heal, recover faster and determine what imbalances are going on within the body. Knowing the root causes helps with true healing at the cellular level.


Regardless of where you are in the healing process, this comprehensive scan is geared for the brain and specialized TBI issues that will fast track your way to wholeness by knowing what the body needs. This is different for each person.


Once your order is placed, we will contact you with questions and instructions for the testing process. We will first start with the Comprehensive Test: This test covers all causal issues (the root cause of any issues currently causing issues within the body), by first screening the body's systems, glands, and organs for imbalances. It will then check all filters within the test to look for nutritional deficiencies, dental disturbances, toxic burden, hormonal imbalances, neurological imbalances, emotional issues, etc. This test is the first layer to healing.


We will then delve into the comprehensive bioenergetic scan for the brain. We will determine what is out of balance, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and all imbalances within the DNA and cellular structure.


These sessions are remote/long distance and do not require live participation. Your photograph (from the neck up) will be required. Once the session is complete, your reports from the session and instructions will be emailed to you within one business day.


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