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Are the Supplements You're Taking Right for You?


The multi-billion dollar supplement and pharmaceutical industries claim to have a pill to suppress all symptoms and ailments. Health conscious individuals are always ready, willing and able to try the newest greatest thing. Self-supplementing to support your health and longevity is a noble cause; however, certain supplements may be great for one person and for others may do more harm to their body than good. Also, what may have been good for your body at one time, may not currently be the right supplement or dose today.


When arriving for your consultation, make sure you bring the supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, over-the-counter medications and prescription medications that you will like to test. Up to ten items is complementary with your appointment. 


You will be tested through our bio-energetic testing device on each one separately to reveal if your body needs it for a certain condition (Causal), whether it needs it for maintenance (Maintenance) or whether it is causing disresonance to the body (meaning no longer needed or harmful at this time). If any of your prescriptions are causing disresonance, you should discuss alternatives with your physician. Never stop any medication before consulting with your doctor.


Supplement Check

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