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Cancer and Disease Management


This consultation is designed for both clients who have recently been diagnosed and have an interest in learning natural healing protocols as well as for clients who are on prescription medications or have already undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  We will discuss how to naturally help reverse the toxic and harmful side effects from these procedures so that damage to the immune system can be strengthened and revitalized to enable disease-free healing. Disease is normally caused by a series of events and conditions. Meaning, it is not usually caused by one key factor; but a buildup of the following situations where the body simply cannot keep up and a breakdown begins to occur.


  • Weakened (sluggish) immune system;

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Lack of oxygen uptake by the cells;

  • Excess acidity;

  • Excess toxins (including dental toxins);

  • Nutritional deficiencies;

  • Stress and stored emotional traumas; and

  • Lack of purpose and meaning


Through bio-energetic testing procedures, we are able to determine current inflammation, toxicity, pH balance (acidity), dental toxins and what organ(s) are being affected, sleeping disorders, bacterial or viral infections, anaerobic environment, food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies as well as uncover any past and current emotional or mental disturbances (stress) and trauma(s) that may play a role in disease patterns.


The development of serious illnesses is not something that springs up overnight but rather an intricate process of varying factors. To permanently rid yourself of disease, it is imperative to find where the body has become imbalanced and when the immune system has become overburdened. This not only helps you to reverse disease but keeps it from returning. Because all levels of the human body are connected, any disease or imbalance on any one of these levels will affect the others. It is important for patients to understand the difference of only treating the symptoms (cancer, etc.) and not the cause.


There are hundreds of so-called “alternative” treatments claiming to be the cure-all by preying on the desperate without having any substantial healing properties. There are more than 400 natural healing remedies and supplements with proven clinical success for some but not for others. So how does a person know how to proceed?


Everybody has a unique set of issues that need to be identified; therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment protocol, diet plan, or supplemental regimen. We will establish diet and lifestyle changes, customized supplementation and therapies that can be implemented immediately to eliminate toxic burden from your life and greatly enhance the immune system.  We will pick up where your medical plan left off and lead you on a path to health and wellness.


Your session includes:



Nutrition Therapy – a look at your current diet and the incorporation of improved food choices, elimination of foods causing hidden inflammation, toxins and unhealthy weight gain. A discussion of various natural healing therapies and supplementation protocols will be explained as well as how they can be incorporated into your daily diet to strengthen the immune system. 


Wellness Scans – bio-energetic screenings will be implemented to determine nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, toxins, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals that may be causing symptoms. We will also test for organ weaknesses, dental infections that may be causing bacteria overload and illness to adjoining organs and specific custom testing for your unique health concerns.


Supplement Check - Bring all your vitamins, herbs, supplements and prescriptions with you to your appointment. An analysis will be performed of the effectiveness it has on your current health needs along with the appropriate doses required by your body at this time.


Homeopathy  - a customized healing protocol to address your current health issue(s) and speed up the healing process.



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